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Create callback request via IVR with specific call time

Hi, We want to make use of the Callback functionality, but not able to find configuraiton option within IVR that will satisfy the requirement. The requirement is to create a callback request with a call time value of the next queue open time (conside...

parkerr by Contributor
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Add fields in Conversation screen

Hi, Is there a way to add additional information in Conversation screen via configuration or by passing data in IVR in Sinch CC Cloud Communication Panel? This is the screen where the agents accept or reject the call, or when the call is ongoing. We ...

parkerr by Contributor
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Resolved! Voicemail as attachment to email notification

Hi, We have a requirement to attach the voicemail recording to the email notification since managing queue voicemails from voicemail inbox is not easy. Can this be achieved via system configurator? Additionally, a voicemail queue that displays voicem...

parkerr by Contributor
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Resolved! Sinch CC On-Premise

Greetings, I see that most of the discussions here are related to the cloud version. So my question is, am I in the right community forum to ask questions and discuss matters regarding the On-Premise version  ? I see the new features that are coming...

aldets by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! Webchat navigation buttons custom language

Hi community members, With Sinch CC cloud option is it possible to add custom language to visitor webchat navigation buttons? For example make "Name" and "Email address" fields and also "Start Chat", "End Chat", "Save transcript" buttons appear in La...

How to access CEM logs for cloud contact center

Hi, We refered to the "IVR_Development_guide.pdf" where it details how to access CEM logs. However, the documentation only refers to on-prem where we need to access the files from file directories. How can we access CEM logs for cloud contact center?...

parkerr by Contributor
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Resolved! Where to download sample Opt-in and Survey IVR?

Hi, In System_Configurator documentation, there was a mention of "Examples and Template" folder where we can download sample Opt-in and Survey IVR xml files. Sinch we are using the cloud version of Contact Center, how can we get these sample IVR file...

parkerr by Contributor
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Unable to accept the call in Communication Panel

Hi , We have configured Sinch Contact Center and Email and Chat channels are working good, however we are facing issues with Voice / Phone channle i.e. when the agent login into the CP, he is getting 'succesfull login and 'Phone Ready messages', but ...

Resolved! Supervisor Functions

Hi Guys, about SCC roadmap - do you already know when Supervisor Functions like silent listening, coaching or barge-in/intercept will be available in Communication Panel? Migration from CDT to CP is limited without this. BR, Piotr

Resolved! Default reply template in email

Hi Guys, has anyone idea how to define default reply template in outgoing email messages? We have a real case when agents use simple template with email signeture only but for every outgoing email they must assign the template manually. How to assig ...

Resolved! Predictive Dialer setting parameters

Hi Guys, in the System Configurator there are two paremeters directly related to Predictive Dialer - Abandon Rate and Abandon Timeout. Do these parameters relate also to build-in Sinch predictive queue dialer or rather to external Sytel dialer only? ...