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System Configurator (SC) won't open

Symptoms: You've updated your Open Web Start to the latest version and now SC gets stuck. Solution: The issue is caused by either the latest version of Open Web Start or Java version 21. We recommend to downgrade Java from 21 to 17. If this doesn't h...

CP pop-out window feature broken

This affects embedded Communication Panel (CP) use with the pop-out window. This doesn’t affect: normal CP use in a standalone browser window or tab embedded CP that doesn’t use the pop-out window Symptoms When a host application embeds CP, the embed...

Issue using CDT and Online Monitoring with HTTPS

Symptoms Launching CDT or Online Monitoring with HTTPS causes crash on Windows Server 2022. Reason Sinch Contact Pro webclient module does not support HTTP/2 which is enabled by default in IIS 10 (Windows Server 2022). Solution Disable HTTP/2 for HTT...

Niina_P by Community Manager
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Recollecting reporting data

SymptomsReporting couldn’t collect data for a specific date/time from the Monitoring database. Solution1. Check if the History database has data for the date/time in question. a) Connect to the database using Microsoft SQL Management Studio.b) Go to ...

Copying data from History database to DSArea database

SymptomsThere is data for a particular date/time in the XXX_Monitoring_History database but the same data is not available in the XXX_DSArea database. To recollect it, you need to copy the data from the History database to the DSArea database. You do...

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Sinch Chat not working

Applies to Sinch Contact Pro version FP19 SymptomsYou are not able to get Sinch Chat working even though the configuration is done according to documentation. SolutionChange the address from to @nativechannel.sinchcon...

SMS Server and social conversations

Applies to Sinch Contact Pro from version FP18 onwards Symptoms There is an issue with Sinch Contact Pro and Conversation API or Sinch SMS integration, such as: Mobile originated (MO, from mobile to Sinch Contact Pro) messages are not received. Mobil...

Setting an agent automatically as Not Ready

Symptoms An agent isn't automatically set as Not Ready although they haven't accepted allocated conversations from a queue. Prerequisites You must have rights to modify the specific queue and the user settings template. Solution You need to define th...

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Niina_P by Community Manager
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Microsoft Reporting Services (SSRS) 2022

Applies to Sinch Contact Pro from version FP19 onwards As SSRS is no longer part of Microsoft SQL Server media, download it from the internet. Add SQL Analysis Services installation with multidimensional option (not tabular one) for installation.Chec...