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Create callback request via IVR with specific call time




We want to make use of the Callback functionality, but not able to find configuraiton option within IVR that will satisfy the requirement.


The requirement is to create a callback request with a call time value of the next queue open time (considering the schedule of the queue). The reason is to make a proper measurement on the waiting time of the callback based on business hours of the contact center.


Example: if the customer left a callback request at 6pm when the queue is close, the callback call time must be 8am the next day, the next open schedule of the queue.


Any guidance if this is achievable within IVR configuration?





the build-in callback IVR doesn't support customizations. How it works is that it drops callback request to specified queue and allocates to free agent. I cannot right now remember if that follows queue schedules, but that should be quite easy job to verify. 


We also do provide the callback IVR as an example which you can modify. Please create a ticket and request the example with help. (OnPrem package has that in software folder / examples and templates)


Same time I want to mention that we have restful interface for callbacks which allows to set desired callback time and much more. Please however note that calling the rest interface from IVR is not possible at the moment, but it's good if you plan to do callback to your website. For details check Contact Center Documentation ( -> Integrations -> CMI -> Callback. 


Jukka Suhonen, Contact Pro Senior Product Engineer

Frequent Contributor



Since I've tinkered around alot recently with OnPrem Callback functionality I can tell about it abit.

Like Jukka said, the OnPrem sample IVR can be modified. The xml is very easy to read and it is the same like the built-in Callback engine. You just need to import it to the IVR. Prompts are not included but can be a acquired from the Prompts folder.
It follows the Callback Queue Schedule and Language. If the callback queue is closed, the callback will not be created. But it can be changed to do something else.


Regarding the Restful Interface. Atleast in OnPrem it is possible to call the restful Callback endpoint and send a POST message that will create a Callback in the system. I've done it with Python customizer. All you need in the POST message is caller number and callback queue number.

For instance if you have ServiceOpen check in your IVR you can pass the variable to the customizer. If lines are closed, create a callback with addition parameter "nextCallTime". Set the value to datetime string. The Callback will be created immediately, but will be visible in the queue once the calling time has arrived. If lines are open, create the callback now.


If you are using the Cloud version then most likely my answers don't qualify here :).


Kind regards,

Thanks Alder! Very good description about the topic and like you said that doesn't apply to cloud. 


Jukka Suhonen, Contact Pro Senior Product Engineer