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Unable to accept the call in Communication Panel

New Contributor

Hi ,

We have configured Sinch Contact Center and Email and Chat  channels are working good, however we are facing issues with Voice / Phone channle i.e. when the agent login into the CP, he is getting 'succesfull login 

 and 'Phone Ready messages', but he is facing the below issues :

1)  Incoming : When the call gets the Agent CP showing the Incoming Call with 'Accept' and 'Decline' buttions, but when the agent try to click on 'Accept' button , nothing is happening , so he is unable to pick the call.


2)  Outgoing : Dial pad is opening and able to input the number , but when clicks on 'call' button , the dial pad is disappering.


Reqeust your help on the same.


Thansk in advance

Ajay Babu G





Have you checked that the agent has a supported audio device configured in User Menu> Settings> Audio Settings? If so, do the following:


  1. Set the log level to Trace in User Menu> Settings> Log.
  2. Reproduce the issue.
  3. Download the log and attach it to your support message


Kind regards,

Occasional Contributor

Hi Smiley Happy


Our agents are also getting these issues, and 9 out of 10 times, it's because the headset is not found or incorrect device is used. It could happen if they have removed the headset and you get multiple audio devices with same name, and they have unfortunately picked wrong device.


This is our workaround: 

  1. Copy chrome://settings/content/microphone and add it in the search bar to open settings for microphone 
  2. Check that correct microphone is used in the drop down menu
  3. Remove the Sinch Contact Center URL from Allow list
  4. Go back to Communication Panel and refresh the page
  5. Allow Sinch Contact Center to use your microphone
  6. Go available to test if you are able to accept the call or make an outbound call

Have a great week and hope that my workaround will help you. 


Tobias Zackrisson
Elkjop Nordic AS