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Changing how long a conversation is offered in Communication Panel

Community Manager
Community Manager


A conversation is offered to an agent for a too long or short time in Communication Panel.



You must have rights to modify the specific queue or channel.



You need to change the time on either the channel or queue level. The setting is called Timeout for Contacts to be Picked or Rejected and an administrator can find it in System Configurator:

  • for the channel: System Management > Channels > [Open the channel's settings]
    The channel level setting affects queue calls and direct calls.
  • for the queue: Queue Management > Queues > [Select the queue] > Contact Management

Read more about this setting in the System Configurator document:


  Channel Queue
Cloud Channel Settings (cloud) Queue's Contact Management Settings (cloud)
On-premise Channel Settings (FP19)  Queue's Contact Management Settings (FP19)


Note: If you're using the automatic Not Ready status in Communication Panel, this setting must be defined on the queue level and the value must be less than the one defined for the channel. Read more about setting an agent automatically as Not Ready.