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Moving queuing conversations from one queue to another


This procedure is for on-premise system integrators to customize environments.  The UI setting for this function is Forwarding Destination for Scheduled Queue Close in System Configurator > Queue Management > Contact Management.



Queuing conversations in Queue1 need to be moved to Queue2. 



You have access to databases via Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.



Move conversations using an SQL procedure. This works for voice, email, chat and task conversation types. Moving conversations directly to an IVR or external destination is not supported. In such cases, route via another queue. Note that conversations that are already in offering state are not moved.


From Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio:

  1. Connect to the SQL server instance hosting the operative database of the target system (for example Object Explorer > Connect > Database Engine).
  2. Open a query editor (for example Object Explorer and then right-click on the operative database and choose New Query).
  3. Paste the following in the editor, replacing source queue and destination queue with valid extension addresses/numbers or queue GUIDs (and keeping the single quotes):
    EXEC MoveContact 'source queue', 'destination queue'
  4. Optionally, to schedule the operation to happen at a later time, add the desired execution time (UTC) as third parameter, for example:
    EXEC MoveContact 'source queue', 'destination queue', '12:00'
    Or at later date:
    EXEC MoveContact 'source queue', 'destination queue', '2050-12-24 12:00'
  5. Execute the query (F5).
    The operation should take place either immediately, or at a given date/time.


Procedure description:

  • @source: Source queue GUID (uppercase, with hyphens) or extension address (case sensitive)
  • @destination Destination queue GUID (uppercase, with hyphens) or extension address (case sensitive)
  • @validFrom Optional operation start date/time – if NULL or in the past, current UTC date/time is used
  • @validUntil Optional operation expiry date/time – if NULL or less than start date/time, start date/time + 1 minute is used


  • Move chats from chatqueue1 to chatqueue2 and execute immediately:
    EXEC dbo.MoveContacts '', ''
  • Move calls from 150 to 151 and execute five minutes from now:
    DECLARE @validFrom datetime
    SET @validFrom = DATEADD(MI, 5, GETUTCDATE())
    EXEC dbo.MoveContacts '150', '151', @validFrom
  • Move conversations from guid1 to guid2 and execute at specific UTC time on current day:
    EXEC dbo.MoveContacts 'DF1AFC30-153D-49CC-97BD-CCFA17C27EFD', 'EE0B0B4F-8465-44FC-8444-F37E5B0259E2', '12:00'
  • Move conversations from guid1 to guid2 and execute at specific UTC date/time:
    EXEC dbo.MoveContacts 'DF1AFC30-153D-49CC-97BD-CCFA17C27EFD', 'EE0B0B4F-8465-44FC-8444-F37E5B0259E2', '2018-12-24 08:00'