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Online Monitoring for non-IE Browsers




In Sinch Documentation about the Online Monitoring app, it specifically mentions to use Internet Explorer. Is support for Chrome and other browsers in the roadmap?


Most companies  are avoiding to use IE due to security concerns.


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As our company is in the middle to migrate from CDT to Communication Panel, we use CDT and OM with Edge. The URL's must be launched in Edge IE mode.

You need to have a proper version of the application though. I don't remember correctly but Edge support came from FP17. Sinch people can correct me.

Also, I'm talking about On-Prem version.

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Thanks Alder.


I tried Edge IE mode but it is not working so far.

There might be different restrictions for the cloud version.

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Aa yes, the Cloud version.

I don't know what Your needs are with OM, but You could try and use the Supervisor Dashboard. I assume You are using Communication Panel as the main application for the agents?

I think that the Supervisor Dashboard still lacks some features, but overall I believe in the end it will replace OM completely.




Hi Guys, 


Let me clarify things. 
CDT and OM user interfaces are for IE and Edge IE mode only. There is no plans to enable those on other browsers and you should move forward to Communication Panel and Supervisor Dashboard if you are looking user interfaces on modern browsers. The Edge IE mode official support for CDT and OM came in FP16, but I can tell that customers have been using it even with version FP12. The thing is only that if you find something, then we will say that won't be fixed to older than FP16. 



Jukka Suhonen, Contact Pro Senior Product Engineer

Yes, feature-wise, OM has a lot more information like being able to see all the events that happened in a call (e.g. BlindTransfer, Forwards, aggregated script result, etc).

Thanks Jukka.


What is the roadmap for OM and Supervisor Dashboard? Will the latter be enhanced more and replace OM in the future? 

Customer using cloud version is asking why is there a need for two tools and not just combine them. Even in the Documentation page they have identical description.

Makes sense and we are aware of the need - "contact details" like a view currently planned for 21q4 release but no promise at the moment. In case you have a good idea / feature request for any of Sinch Contact feature please do a ticket and we shall place it under feature request process. 

Jukka Suhonen, Contact Pro Senior Product Engineer

The plan is indeed to replace OM with SD, but we are not planning to do exact feature match as OM has got many things over the years. The transition doesn't happen in one night and we listening our customer & partners - it's you guys who affect what is developed next. 

Like said in previous post, please keep pushing ideas via tickets and more voice an items get, more likely things will get done. 


I will check that OM vs SD docu in cloud. If like you said, then needs adjustment. Hopefully you do already use official help portal:




Jukka Suhonen, Contact Pro Senior Product Engineer

Thanks Jukka for the information.


The identical description that I mentioned can be found in where it says:


"Instructs agent team leaders in monitoring Communication Panel agents, queues and service levels in the <SD/OM> application".