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Does Sinch Contact Pro allow agents to work on more than one customer issue at a time?

Yes, Sinch Contact Pro can be configured to allow agents to accept and work on multiple customer conversations in parallel. For example, an agent who is working on an email may accept an incoming customer chat and process the chat before returning to finish working on the email. Similarly, an agent processing a customer chat may accept another customer chat, toggling between the two customer conversations as necessary.


Agents can easily toggle between different customer conversations by clicking the respective conversation in the 'My Conversations' list.  Managing multiple simultaneous chats can be difficult so we recommend allocating just two or three simultaneous chat sessions per agent.




The Communication Panel (agent UI) places each conversation (web chat, messaging app chat, SMS chat, email, phone call, etc.) in a separate item in the 'My Conversations' list.


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Johnnie Wilkenschildt, Director Contact Center Business Development, Sinch