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Does Sinch E-mail 365 support DMARC?

Sinch E-mail 365 does not provide DMARC, but the customer can set it up on their end, and we will pass through the DMARC record as is. However, the customer should contact Sinch prior to implementing DMARC validations to ensure it is set up correctly...

How do you remove an IP from a blacklist?

If an IP is blacklisted, Sinch will work with our partners to engage with the ISP involved to remove the blacklisting. Sometimes, it may mean that we need to provision a new ( “uncompromised”) dedicated IP and go through warm up ( again).Note: The pr...

What are MX records and how are they used?

An MX record is a publicly available address for an email recipients mail server. When someone, for example:mtest@test.com sends an email to abc@xyz.com, the sender’s mail transfer agent looks up the available MX record at public DNS registry of xyz....

What features are supported by Sinch E-mail 365?

The core features supported by Sinch E-mail 365 include: Domain and user validations DKIM & SPF based deliverability Support for multiple senders per sub-domain “Reply-to” capability Support for custom “from” tags Soft and hard bounce status reportin...

How does Sinch E-mail 365 manage data security?

Data security is handled using an email processing infrastructure that is EU DPA compliant. Support for EU customers is handled via a 24X7 L2 support desk based in the EU. In addition, Sinch does not store or manage email addresses and tracks notific...