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Sinch Email365 to Mailgun Migration Guide

The Sinch Email365 to Mailgun Migration guide is intended to provide a high level overview and basic understanding of the main differences between Email 365 and Mailgun in order to estimate the work required to switch from one platform to the other. ...

How is SPAM reported/handled by Sinch E-mail 365?

Sinch E-mail 365 manages SPAM in two ways: Using SMTP (soft bounce) error codes to determine if an email hit a SPAM filter Using SPAM feedback loops from ISP’s. A Feedback loop is an information provided by the ISP if a customer marked an Email as SP...

What are the best practices for overcoming SPAM?

Marketing email SPAM is a complex issue. There are now easy solutions and almost all ISP’s have different parameters: Gmail for instance likes DKIM based authentication. This may not be a strong criteria for other ISP’s. Gmail it appears also likes t...

How is e-mail deliverability impacted by SPAM?

Sinch has to ensure a high volume of SPAM’s does not impact our IP reputation. Reputation (or sender scores) have a direct co-relation on deliverability. Also, complaints due to SPAM can result in temporary or permanent blacklisting. One approach to ...