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Sinch Email365 to Mailgun Migration Guide

The Sinch Email365 to Mailgun Migration guide is intended to provide a high level overview and basic understanding of the main differences between Email 365 and Mailgun in order to estimate the work required to switch from one platform to the other. ...

E-mail 365 Solution Brief

E-mail marketing offers an efficient, effective, and measurable way for marketers to connect with customers. The Sinch E-Mail 365 mobile service supports e-mail as a channel, helping enterprises send marketing and transactional e-mails while creating...

What features are supported by Sinch E-mail 365?

The core features supported by Sinch E-mail 365 include: Domain and user validations DKIM & SPF based deliverability Support for multiple senders per sub-domain “Reply-to” capability Support for custom “from” tags Soft and hard bounce status reportin...