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Sinch Email365 to Mailgun Migration Guide

The Sinch Email365 to Mailgun Migration guide is intended to provide a high level overview and basic understanding of the main differences between Email 365 and Mailgun in order to estimate the work required to switch from one platform to the other. ...

E-mail 365 - Direct Customer Onboarding Guide

Sinch E-Mail 365 provides a RESTful JSON API interface that delivers email capabilities. The API interface is easily consumable by any upstream application. Both transactional and marketing emails are supported using the same email service. E-Mail 36...

What are the key parameters of the email request?

The key parameters of the e-mail API request are as follows: Sender address (for example, info@marketing.customer.com Sender name (if needed); so the sender shows as info@marketing.customer.com Reply-to address (the address where email replies will ...

Sinch E-mail 365 - API Specification

Sinch E-mail 365 delivers a JSON/ restful multi-channel API that provides the ability to optimize engagement using the email channel. The API provides multi-part/ alternative content, which allows rich text or plain text content being delivered by ch...