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Sinch Email365 to Mailgun Migration Guide

Community Manager
Community Manager

The  Sinch Email365 to Mailgun Migration guide is intended to provide a high level overview and basic understanding of the main differences between Email 365 and Mailgun in order to estimate the work required to switch from one platform to the other.

Being the leading developer-oriented platform, Mailgun has highly detailed online documentation with in-depth examples and explanation of each API endpoint and setting, available at with code samples in the most popular programming languages.

It is worth mentioning that both platforms allow for sending an email with text or HTML parts, adding attachments and getting information back from the API about what happened to the message. Both platforms use RESTful APIs with JSON responses and the ability to use SMTP relay in addition to sending MIME messages in a similar fashion. However, Mailgun is a much more robust platform, with significantly more ways to configure sending, schedule messages, retrieve stats, receive messages, store templates, verify addresses and much more.


Learn more about Mailgun.

Shahzad Ismail
Head of Knowledge Management and Community Engagement, Sinch