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Important! On-premise customers using Communication Panel


Communication Panel is not loading and in the console you see an error about SAP UI5 package and version ending .44. SAP has removed the version from internet and as it's not available, Communication Panel is not able to load.



1. Stop ECF agent virtual unit in Infrastructure Administrator.
2. Go to ECF agent directory.
3. Locate the Communication Panel's index.html.
4. Open the file with an editor and replace the version in 

with the version 1.71.49

( )
5. Activate the virtual unit.

Note: Users may need to clear the browser cache.


FP19 is already using the version 1.71.49 but we'll release hotfixes for versions FP17 and FP18 as soon as possible.



Additionally the same guidance applies to DPO tool and embedded version of Communication Panel (embedded.html).

If you wish to continue using 1.71.44 package, then you can host it locally as well. Shortly said; download local copy of the UI5 library, make it available in your network (new folder under ECF_Agent for example) and change URL in index.html to point into local resource. We have copy in safe place as it's not available in SAP page anymore. Please create support ticket in case you need the package.


Hotfixes & are now published on Sinch Download site. 
SAP Notes for the fixes are 3037655 & 3037656. Colleagues will publish those on SAP Market Place soon. 

Hi Jukka,

I am getting below error on loading UI5 locally from ECF Folder.

Refused to execute script from 'https://XXX:2443/ecf/latest/webapps/sapui5-sdk-1.71.56/resources/sap-ui-core.js' because its MIME type ('text/html') is not executable, and strict MIME type checking is enabled.

Can you suggest what can be done here?



Hi Sanjay,


Hosting SAP UI5 package locally is indeed possible. From customer ticket I see that CP returns 404 for SAP UI5 which means "not found". Also note that the version 1.71.56 is not supported by Sinch, latest verified by us is 1.71.49. 
Before you update the index.html, you should make sure that the package is available over the network. In other words if you type URL to browser, you should get the package. For us it's quite hard to instruct as there might be firewalls and etc blocking.  Generally I would recommend creating new folder under webapps/CommunicationPanel, for example UI5 and pointing to that one. However, that will be cleaned in upgrade and hotfix installations. So, if you wish to host SAP UI5 locally, then would prefer setting up proper network place for the package. 

Also I would recommend to read official statement from SAP about the topic: Set-up a CDN for SAPUI5 on your on-premise SAP ABAP Server | SAP Blogs