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Important information about the SAP UI5 version


Communication Panel, Data Protection Officer (DPO) tool, and Visitor Chat Configurator are built on the SAP UI5 framework. The following information is aimed for on-premise customers using these UIs.


As of Sinch Contact Pro versions,, and, Communication Panel, DPO, and Visitor Chat Configurator have been using SAP UI5 version 1.71.49 which is due to be removed from SAP Content Delivery Network at end of Q3/2023. To avoid issues in using the UIs, we are preparing hotfixes for FP17, FP18, and FP19. Please follow this article for release dates and updates.


Hotfix numbers will be,, and and contain the following changes:

  • UIs using SAP UI5 no longer load specific SAP UI5 version, such as 1.71.49, but instead they load the latest version from the 1.71 release. At the moment the latest one is 1.71.57.
  • URL of SAP UI5 package has been changed from to as per SAP's recommendation. Make sure that workstations can access this new location and is not blocked, for example, by firewalls.
  • Minor corrections in the Communication Panel code to work with the latest SAP UI5 versions.

Currently we don't recommend moving manually to a newer release as instructed in because the above mentioned minor changes are required in Communication Panel for UI to work properly.



Q: When will you publish the fixes?
A: As soon as possible, likely in few weeks from now.


Q: What about older releases?
A: We recommend you to upgrade to FP19. If an upgrade is not possible, you should consider hosting the UI5 package locally. For more information about it, see SAP documentation.


Q: If I decide to change the version manually, what should I consider?
A: Please be aware that Sinch has not tested all possible combinations and in case of an issue, we can ask you to revert to the previous version. If you decide to change the version manually, please remember that you need to make the change in all necessary files, such as Communication Panel, embedded Communication Panel, and DPO tool. Also remember to change it on all servers where ECF Agent virtual unit has been installed.



Update: & are already available in Sinch Contact Pro download site. is under verification. 

Strong recommendation is to implement hotfix as soon as possible. 

Jukka Suhonen, Contact Pro Senior Product Engineer