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Is Sinch Contact Pro available on premise?


One of the more commonly asked questions we receive is whether Sinch Contact Pro is also available on-premise. The answer is "YES!!". Sinch Contact Pro is available in both a SaaS-based Cloud service or as a traditional on-premise deployment.


While most customers prefer our flagship Cloud offering, there are still customers who -- for one reason or another -- require an on-premise solution. For example, in certain geographies where it is difficult for companies to leverage Cloud solutions due to government regulations, infrastructure concerns, data privacy issues and other restrictions, organizations can still take advantage of on-premise installations. Similarly, some companies may have a preference for OP-EX rather than CAP-EX business models, which make traditional on-premise licensing and asset depreciation more advantageous. 


Sinch is happy to support all customers -- whether you prefer a pure Cloud solution, an on-premise installation, or even a hybrid approach where most of your organization runs in the Cloud while certain sub-sections of the company leverage an on-premise deployment. 

John Burton, Senior Director Product Management