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An Engage account can include one or more projects, each of which can include several unique channels.



  What does it contain? Can there be several?

Users and skills



Data of your customers


Set of applications, data, and configuration settings, such as auto-routing  


A user has access to one or more projects.


All conversations are shared within a project but managed in their channels.

Yes, use several projects to separate concerns between teams, units, interests, brands, or languages. To create more than one project, please contact Sinch.


Messaging app your customers use for sending you messages


Your channels have a communication region which means the location of the connection between Sinch Engage and the messaging apps. Currently, the available regions are EU (Europe) and US (United States). The region affects latency as well as the legislation applied to your data. To change the region, send a request to our support

Yes, there can be several different channels but only one of each.



Learn how to set up each channel with the Channels page:

To connect Viber Business Messages, contact Sinch Engage support.

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