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Only admins can connect channels in Engage.


Before connecting Telegram, you must have:

  • a Telegram account
    If you don't already have an account, create one by downloading the app and following the instructions:
  • a Telegram bot
    If you don't already have a bot, see the instructions below. Read more about Telegram bots open-external-link-icon.png.

To set up a Telegram Bot:

  1. In Telegram, go to Contacts.
  2. Search for BotFather and select the bot.
  3. Enter /start in the chat or click the Start button if you have one.


  4. Enter /newbot in the chat and follow the instructions.


  5. Save the token you receive. You will need it to connect your bot in Engage.
    The token is in format:


To connect Telegram to Engage:

  1. Go to Settings > Project > Channels.
  2. Expand the Telegram section by clicking on the arrow icon arrow_down.png.
  3. Paste the token from Telegram in the input field.
  4. Click Save to connect your channel. Your channel status turns to Pending.
  5. After a maximum delay of 5 minutes your channel status changes to:
    • Active if the connection was successful.
    • Failing if an error occurred. You can see a description of the error.

When connected, the Telegram section shows the name of your Telegram bot.


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