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Predictive Dialer


Hi, I've seen in November's release notes information about predictive mode for outbound campaigns. Does it mean CC has built-in predictive dialer already? Is it Sytel or another one? Is it priced additionally?

BR, Piotr



Hi Piotr,

The change is that now the existing built-in QueueDialer also supports predictive mode.


Kind regards,

Hi Nina, I have a question about predictive mode and SAP CRM outbound campaigns integration - when we use Sinch CC integrated with SAP CRM (via OII) is predictive mode available for outbound campaigns managed in SAP CRM?


BR, Piotr

To be honest, it's hard to say since the scenario you describe hasn't been tested. It is possible to transfer a call list from SAP CRM to Sinch Contact Center using OII but the dialing mode needs to be changed manually in System Configurator. It may also be possible that a predictive campaign call in Communication Panel would also alert via OII in CRM. But since this is an untested use case it's not possible to say which number OII would show for the call and whether the call could be answered.


Kind regards,