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FP17 Hotfixes


The following table lists released hotfixes for Sinch Contact Pro on-premise version FP17.  To download the hotfixes, go to


Hotfix number Affected Components Description CEM Server, Agent Server Calls are not allocated to agents from outbound campaigns; Sytel dialer forces CallResult = HANGUP Agent Server, CEM Server, Chain Matcher, Chat Server, Monitoring Web Clients, SMS Server, Web Clients, Web Server The Communication Desktop (CDT), Online Monitoring, and Web Server bugs affect some components. Agent Server
  • ECF agents not visible in SAP CRM via OII
  • Alerting campaign call cannot be disconnected with the Cancel button when a campaign call has been initiated in Communication Panel CEM Server

Issues fixed:

  • Call is not re-allocated to an agent after connection failure in Communication Panel
  • Outbound campaign issue: Calling time for campaign not started
  • Email parsing fails if Content-Type header is missing
  • OAuth error blocking email reading
  • Attachment with special characters is missing for incoming email in CDT
  • Call is not re-allocated to Communication Panel agent after connection failure
  • Failed to convert HTML email body with special characters to text
  • Old emails are not deleted from email server
  • Incoming email is not parsed correctly if header field contains special UTF-8 character(s) without encoding
  • IMAP connection to email server gets closed due to long pending database transaction
  • Operative database query failing due to being too complex SIP Bridge SIP calls are being interrupted after approx. 20 seconds Monitoring Web Clients Security update for monitoring ECF Web Server Java logging component Apache Log4j security issue ECF Web Server
  • SAPUI5-based UIs are upgraded to use version 1.71.44 of SAPUI5 (instead of 1.71.23)
  • Security updates CEM Server Issues fixed:
  • Outbound predictive mode after customer consent, call ends after being in queue for short time
  • Reporting for campaigns run from Queue Dialer in predictive mode fails Agent Server
CEM Server
Issues fixed:
  • Outbound Queue Dialer campaigns hanging in dialer status "CLOSING"
  • Incorrect values in outbound reports for predictive calls
  • Contact allocation may stop using Queue Dialer in the preview mode SIP Bridge Missed recordings, customer opting for a callback while in queue messes up call allocation to MTD phones. ECF Web Server Auto-answering with outbound campaign calls didn't always work Restful Interfaces RI high memory usage on startup Integration Interfaces OII enhancement for creating conference function
  • CEM Server
  • Monitoring Database Server
  • Reporting Database Server
Issues fixed:
  • Communication Panel - admin event missing for mon purposes "wrapup"
  • CEM Queue Dialer OPER_LOGOUT in PREVIEW fails
  • Probem when one queue reads more than one email addresses using OAuth
  • Monitoring Database Server: CDT and OM sometimes show incorrect counts of available agents
  • Reporting database installation fails on SQL 2014 Call Dispatcher Deletion of MRS link in System Configurator could cause a Call Dispatcher crash when log headers are printed during log file change. N/A SMS Sender When sending rich content to social channel(s) via Sinch Conversation API, sending failed with http 400 error. The error is visible in SMS Server logs. ECF Web Server This hotfix updates SAP UI5 version that is used within Communication Panel and Date Protection Officer user interfaces. ECF Web Server Upgrade for SAP UI5 version 


CEM Server

Several callback corrections


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Jukka Suhonen, Contact Pro Senior Product Engineer

New Contributor

If the contract is with SAP and not Sinch are you able to download the hotfixes from here?

Actually you should get them from SAP. Strictly formally, SAP should retest hotfixes and make sure they are compatible with guarantees given in the license contract and their standards. So if you'd get hotfix directly from Sinch, SAP may refuse to support you. Although I don't think this would happen for hotfixes, for new FP I would expect that.


HI John, 

Like Dawood said customers under SAP licenses should use SAP Market Place to download all content (feature packs, hotfixes and etc) for Sinch Contact Pro. SAP colleagues are maintaining list of available hotfixes here: SAP Wiki for Contact Pro 



Jukka Suhonen, Contact Pro Senior Product Engineer