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End of Internet Explorer Support on June 15, 2022


Microsoft has announced that the Internet Explorer browser will be retired ( Therefore, we would like to remind you that Communication Desktop (CDT) and Online Monitoring are legacy user interfaces running on Microsoft Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge in the IE mode, and we recommend to start using Communication Panel and Supervisor Dashboard which are running on modern browsers. However, Sinch has no plans to end supporting CDT and Online Monitoring, and customers will be informed beforehand if the situation changes. Note that:


From FP16 onwards, you can use CDT and Online Monitoring with Edge in the IE mode. Older versions do not have official support for the IE mode, and Sinch is not responsible for fixing found issues related to using CDT or Online Monitoring with Edge in the IE mode in older releases.


Also note that if you uninstall Internet Explorer from workstations, Edge IE mode will stop working. For information about configuring Edge IE mode, see Microsoft documentation.



Additional info: Microsoft is planning at some point to publish a fix that "disables" usage of Internet Explorer. This means that a user trying to open Internet Explorer in a way or other will be forwarded to Microsoft Edge automatically.

The recommendation to Contact Pro customers is:
- move into Communication Panel or start using CDT via Edge IE mode
- if you have already moved to Edge IE mode, then no actions needed

- or if you plan to keep using legacy Internet Explorer, then make sure your IT department won't install the fix on workstations

Jukka Suhonen, Contact Pro Senior Product Engineer