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Does Sinch Contact Pro include real-time monitoring?

Yes - Sinch Contact Pro includes real-time monitoring. The online monitoring application of Contact Pro actually goes beyond what is normally expected by a monitoring user interface:

  • Adjustments to queues, skills, and other configurations can be performed directly in the user interface and are applied on-the-fly.
  • Supervisors can also move agents from one queue to another or log them out of, or into, a queue
  • Allows the monitoring user to look into agent activities and drill down to call level and contact status.

A real-time monitoring application that, with the click of a mouse, can be used to adjust operations, is a powerful tool that brings down the managerial reaction time to just seconds and it saves valuable time both for management and the IT department.


Monitoring Screen Shots.png


The monitoring UI furthermore provides a comprehensive view of queues and agents under the responsibility of the monitoring user. Color indications and alarm thresholds can be adjusted with drag and drop to the get appropriate level of warning if and when a certain KPI is coming close to or exceeds a critical level and actions needs to be taken. Daily reports can be popped up, providing daily statistics so far compared to a relevant benchmark value.


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Johnnie Wilkenschildt, Director Contact Center Business Development, Sinch