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Conversion tool for upgrading from FP15 to FP16 or newer

Community Manager
Community Manager

If you are updating Sinch Contact Pro on-premise version from FP15 to FP16 (or newer), please contact Sinch Contact Pro customer support to get a conversion tool needed in the upgrade.



The script we are referring to are related to Python 2 to 3 upgrade. Python is builtin to Contact Pro and you don't need to worry about Python upgrade, but the version change causes changes to certain functionality and here you find scripts very useful in case

  • you are running on premise version FP15 or older and would like to upgrade to newer one
  • you have custom IVRs in use
  • you have any CC or IVR customizers in use


The scripts are: 

  • CEM Server: Conversion Tool (also available via SAP Note 2910694)
    You will need this in case email channel has been in use.
  • Python upgraded (also available via SAP Note 2912069)
    Here you will find instructions how to convert Python 2 code to Python 3. 
Jukka Suhonen, Contact Pro Senior Product Engineer