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10DLC Requirements and Issue?

Hi, I started using this server strictly to send custom automated alerts to friends and family. The "test" setup that required phone verification was perfect for me. And despire like a dozen attempts I can't get a 10DLC application past automated rej...

When will my campaign be ready

I submitted a request for a 10LC campaign: It's 12 days already, any ETA when it will be approved? 01hwv6yh4m53tjsanscdtygafp BDCEU2I Business Sentiment Campaign 1 DELIVERY_NOTIFICATION Pending Review 2024 - 05 - 01

msoong by New Contributor
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10DLC Review Pending

Hi, I have had a 10DLC campaign pending review since 3/13/24. Campaign ID - 01hrwh3nbpfs09n8msdpezvz2z Brand ID - BZIMWE3 How do I get my campaign reviewed?

envite by New Contributor
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Resolved! Can't get a French number

Hello, I have been trying to get a French number since déc. 22nd, I keep having an error in the website. * On the page where I can search for such French number, I get "The search could not be completed at this time". * I still can request for such n...

Guillaume by New Contributor
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Campaign approvals

We're excited to start using Sinch! I'm starting to set up 10DLC campaigns for our brands over on TCR. Can I go ahead and choose Sinch as our connectivity partner? Is there anything else we need to set up first?

How to Get 10K-50K DID Every Week

Hello I am currently looking for DIDs and text messages from the United States and Canada. We mainly use these numbers to receive text messages, and we assure you that we will comply with local laws and regulations. If we have the opportunity to coop...

Need help from sales manager

Hello, we need some US or Canadian numbers to register the app, the number is 5k--100k per day, using sms or voice verification, and want to establish a long-term cooperative relationship. Can you provide this service?

luke by New Contributor
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Resolved! 10DLC and Account questions

Hello, I have a few questions before using your product. 10DLC questions: what fields are required for 10dlc registration? what is an approval time? is it possible to resubmit the application? what is the chance of blocking Brand and what are the rea...

volodymyr by New Contributor
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Resolved! Number Porting (USA)

Are the numbers I buy on this platform portable? As a phone number is a significant part of a brand identity I want to make sure I can bring them with me to other platforms as needed. All the other platforms allow it but I wanted to confirm. Thank yo...