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10DLC Requirements and Issue?

New Contributor


I started using this server strictly to send custom automated  alerts to friends and family. The "test" setup that required phone verification was perfect for me. And despire like a dozen attempts I can't get a 10DLC application past automated rejection. Currently get:: dentityStatus value has been set as "UNVERIFIED". Brand has been REJECTED.

So my questions are... is there a program just to notify verified #s? Seems like this would address all the issues that 10DLC are supposed to fix. and if not, Why is my application still denied? I have a website, domain, and registered business, I have no interest in marketing or cold-calls.





Hi there! Apologies for the frustrating experience. It is likely your brand failed due to a mismatch in the company information you provided, most likely because of a mismatch between the registered tax ID and the registered business name. The information you enter for your brand registration is verified with third party sources. If it cannot be verified/is not found, then the brand will be in a rejected state. 


Please see these articles for more assistance on how to enter the correct info for your brand registration:

How do I enter the correct Tax ID for 10DLC brand registration?

10DLC & Toll Free Number Brand Identity Resources


If you need any further assistance, please reach out to your Account Manager. If you are not sure who your account manager is, see this article: Who is my account manager?


Meredith Wiegman, 10DLC Project Manager