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Third Party Authority Form

When submitting the Third Party Authority Form, do we need to specify which telephone number to use with the Sender IDs? Or is the Sender IDs registration linked to a business profile regardless of which telephone number?

dcbhd by New Contributor
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SMS wrong encoding for some character

Hi, I am using Sinch SMS api in my application. The sms is sending from YOYOPower 4G Switch (EX4). The messages is in either swedish or in norwegian. Some character for example Å, ö encoded to wrong character. Please see the original message and the ...

net_anu by Occasional Contributor
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Sms in weired characters

Hi, I am getting sms from SINCH api in weird characters. The received message is 䭯湴慫瑥湳⁨潶敤獴狃뙭景牳祮楮朠敲⁧橥湯灰牥瑴整⸊却慴畳㨠僃蔊呥浰㨠丯�. The original message should be Kontaktens hovedströmforsyning er gjenopprettet. These are the messages generated from GSM switch. G...

net_anu by Occasional Contributor
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Failed send SMS to some numbers.

When I send SMS via API to one number it delivers fine. When same code do it for another number it is not delivered. Saying the "337 - Invalid optional parameter"Both numbers are "verified" so they should be able to receive SMS from SinchCode that I ...

Can't receive incoming sms

Hi, Sending SMS from a non-Sinch number to a Sinch number, I have used a number of numbers to send SMS to a number I purchased on Sinch, but none of them are being received, and I don't see any record of this on the console.So far I have tried many n...

Dylan by Contributor
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Opt-out logic

Hi all, I need a little bit of help figuring out if I need to implement some kind of opt-out logic via SMS on my API or it already exists on Sinch API? Tried searching for the answer in the documentation, but can see mentions of it only for WhatsApp,...

Spasoje by New Contributor
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Resolved! SNS Callback Url format

Hi, the docs say you can "Callback using AWS SNS by provisioning the callback URL with an Access Key ID, Secret Key and Region." but sadly doesn't define an example of HOW that would look in the end. Could anyone kindly provide an example of how an U...

SMS not sending on weekends - integrated with zoho

I just added Sinch message media to my zoho. I followed their setup for the deluge script in zoho books to send text reminders to overdue invoices however the messages will never go out on weekends. They are scheduled for first thing Monday morning. ...

Why was my SMS message rejected?

I've been trying to get started with the SMS API. The create batch request works but I don't receive any message to my (verified) phone number. In the message search table I can see that the message was rejected by sinch, but I don't know why. Here a...

FITEA - Receiving text messages

Hello, Our customer does not receive SMS since March with this number 596696722593. Before that, she did not have any kind of problem. Can you help us, please ? Thank you !

DéboV by New Contributor
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Test Message Faiing

I am new to Sinch, we used to use batchsend.clxcommunictions.com which seems to have stopped working last Friday. I am trying to send a test message to my cell phone +713xxxxxxx and I am not receiving the message. What am I doing wrong. It's a T Mobi...

ecs1927 by Occasional Contributor
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