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Getting Aborted 412 intermittently when sending messages

When sending a message to the same recipient, I sometimes get a status Aborted with error code 412 in my delivery report.  From my understanding, this error code represents the following: SMSC rejected the message. The account hasn't been provisioned...

kishen by New Contributor
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FITEA - Receiving text messages

Hello, Our customer does not receive SMS since March with this number 596696722593. Before that, she did not have any kind of problem. Can you help us, please ? Thank you !

DéboV by New Contributor
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Resolved! Messages Not Delivered

I am new to Sinch and I am having some difficulty. My messages (test messages) indicate they have been sent but the never arrive on my phone. I tried to send a batch the other day, it the system says they have been sent but when I Iook at the status,...

ecs1927 by Occasional Contributor
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Test Message Faiing

I am new to Sinch, we used to use batchsend.clxcommunictions.com which seems to have stopped working last Friday. I am trying to send a test message to my cell phone +713xxxxxxx and I am not receiving the message. What am I doing wrong. It's a T Mobi...

ecs1927 by Occasional Contributor
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How to test inbound in a trial

I am conducting various tests on SMS on Sinch using the trial version.I sent a message to the number given by Sinch.Also, I sent an answer message to the number given by Sinch for inbound test.However, the Inbounds API call results in {"count":0,"pag...

colavo by New Contributor
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Issue with callback response

Hello We are testing in the test environment and we have an issue with the callback URL, this is our URL: https://app-dev.tic.life/api/Webhook/Sinch and this is our response: { "action": "allow" } but every time we get 42202 code and status 422 {"err...

Resolved! AJO integration

HI there, i'm still trying to send SMS from AJO with my test account but without success. I setup in AJO with the info found on the service apis tab: service plan id and the api token. The I set up the channel surface with the sender number i found i...

guizard by New Contributor
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Resolved! Unable to send SMS

Dear Support, I'm actually unable to send sms through http://sms-pp.sapmobileservices.com/ I get this message : "Username/Password Authentication Failed."Did you do any changes (url / authentification method) recently ? Regards Julien

Resolved! STOP sms 36111 Price

Hello, I would like to know the price for a STOP sms with the number 36111 ? - In Europe - In international Best regards, Eliott

Eliott by New Contributor
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Error 60 originator blocked

Hello !My company use your API.We sent a sms campaign but the sms were never received. When we check 2 numbers we see that it failed with Error 60 originator blocked. In the documentation I saw that it means "Campaign not active on AT&T". But I don't...

Resolved! Unsupported Countries

It seems that a number of countries are unsupported meaning anyone having a mobile number connected to an unsupported network cannot receive SMS notifications. Anyone has an idea what is Sinch's road map in this respect please?

sfarr1752 by Occasional Contributor
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Can't create SMS Service Plan

I created a new account for testing purpose. The new account comes with an automatically created SMS Service Plan in US region. However I need one in EU region. So I tried to create a new SMS Service Plan as explained here but I couldn't see the "ADD...

abc12345 by New Contributor
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