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Resolved! Connect call SVAML

When a call comes into my webhook, I want to transfer it to a cellphone number. Am I looking for the connectPstn action? I’m not sure which action is best to transfer to another number or multiple numbers. If it matters, I’m using Python.

iOS - In-App Voice - Calling 1 phone fails

Hi, I have a strange situation, when the same app is installed on 2 devices, I'm able to make a call from device 1 to device 2, but when I call from device 2 to device 1 the call is not getting through. The caller not trying to push the notification,...

koganiz by Contributor
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Resolved! The startPlayingSoundFile function is not playing on iOS

Hi guys, I'm implementing the SDK based on the VideoCallKitSwift swift sample.SDK 5.23.5 dynamic, iOS 16.5.1.Not sure if it's related, but the hosting app is in SwiftUI.Everything looks good so far, the only problem I have is the startPlayingSoundFil...

koganiz by Contributor
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Resolved! Handle call events with SIP forwarding

Hi, In my account I have multiple numbers in a project. For all numbers, I want to route to my SIP server so I am using Handle call events with SIP forwarding where I defined sip:61489901111@sip-server.com:5060. I receive calls on my SIP server all t...

Resolved! Google FCM Identification temporary disabled

Hi guys, I'm trying to add the Google FCM Identification on the dashboard but the "ADD FCM IDENTIFICATION" button is disabled. The tooltip of the button says "temporary disabled". Any ideas? Thank you!

koganiz by Contributor
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Problem with the notification data Android( Kotlin)

Good day I have a problem with the notifcation data , i had implemented notification with FCM however when I recive the notification the app detected that payload is not a valid Sinch push payload , then i can't recive videocall . I hope Your can hel...

Jeims by Occasional Contributor
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Android > voice sdk 6.0.2 >Sample application

i downloaded the sample voice calling application add google json file and my sinch appkey and secret key but voice calling not working in android to android , when i call to ios app then call connect but when i try to call android to android not wor...

square_01 by Occasional Contributor
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Incoming Call Handling on Server

We are endeavoring to develop a server-based application using the Sinch SDK that can receive incoming calls andcreate a WebRTC stream to enable the transmission of audio streams. Any programming language would suffice for this purpose. Could you kin...

tulsiwdv by New Contributor
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Sinch 4.8.6 AAR File

Hey Sinch, I am an Android Dev and we are using Sinch in our App for a very long time recently we were updating our app to SDK 31 and we were getting issues. We were using Sinch 3.14 which is very outdated but now we do not have time to update it to ...

MHamza by Occasional Contributor
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