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Resolved! Unable to capture the end-user (callee) response

Hi Team,I appreciate your support. I am using Voice API for the AI Recruiting scenario. I am not able to capture the Callee response over the phone. Please which API or APIs are will work for my scenario.Note: I want to give the reply based on the Ca...

Resolved! Sending SOAP messages to on-premise

Hello! I would like to ask whether it is possible to make script which gets caller phone number and then forms SOAP message which is then sent to the on-prem SOAP service? For security reasons we would like to use AWS inversion proxy for sending data...

Marcus by New Contributor
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Resolved! How to implement a voicemail

Hi all, I would like to implement a voicemail function, for example, if there is no answer for 30 seconds, a voicemail alert is played, then the caller can leave a message and then the recipient can listen to this message.I can't find an implementati...

Dylan by Contributor
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Start recording failed

Hi, I want to enable recording during a call. https://developers.sinch.com/docs/voice/api-reference/voice/tag/Calls/#tag/Calls/operation/Calling_UpdateCall By updating a call in progress as provided in the documentation. callIdId is DC8D6F49-0251-431...

Dylan by Contributor
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Resolved! How to receive a call with iOS voice SDK

May I ask why I have configured the push certificate and code according to the steps in this document, but I cannot receive the push notification of incoming calls?https://developers.sinch.com/docs/in-app-calling/ios/push-notifications-callkit/

Resolved! How to deal with Incoming PSTN call

Hi, From PSTN call To Sinch virtual number, How should it be handled on the server side and what SVAML should be returned? The expectation is that this call will be pushed to my device, which has the iOS SDK integrated. This is a person-to-person cal...

Dylan by Contributor
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CORS blocked

Hi While trying to setup a simple Web.-to-Phone demo we are failing on the initial stage with an error in browser saying: Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at https://clientapi.sinch.com/ocra/v...

adnan1982 by New Contributor
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Resolved! Connect call SVAML

When a call comes into my webhook, I want to transfer it to a cellphone number. Am I looking for the connectPstn action? I’m not sure which action is best to transfer to another number or multiple numbers. If it matters, I’m using Python.

iOS - In-App Voice - Calling 1 phone fails

Hi, I have a strange situation, when the same app is installed on 2 devices, I'm able to make a call from device 1 to device 2, but when I call from device 2 to device 1 the call is not getting through. The caller not trying to push the notification,...

koganiz by Contributor
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Resolved! The startPlayingSoundFile function is not playing on iOS

Hi guys, I'm implementing the SDK based on the VideoCallKitSwift swift sample.SDK 5.23.5 dynamic, iOS 16.5.1.Not sure if it's related, but the hosting app is in SwiftUI.Everything looks good so far, the only problem I have is the startPlayingSoundFil...

koganiz by Contributor
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Resolved! Handle call events with SIP forwarding

Hi, In my account I have multiple numbers in a project. For all numbers, I want to route to my SIP server so I am using Handle call events with SIP forwarding where I defined sip:61489901111@sip-server.com:5060. I receive calls on my SIP server all t...

Resolved! Google FCM Identification temporary disabled

Hi guys, I'm trying to add the Google FCM Identification on the dashboard but the "ADD FCM IDENTIFICATION" button is disabled. The tooltip of the button says "temporary disabled". Any ideas? Thank you!

koganiz by Contributor
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