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Which Telco Providers does Sinch Contact Pro support? How are telephone numbers provisioned?


Sinch Contact Pro works with all Telco providers, including traditional PSTN Telco providers as well as modern SIP-based Telco providers like Twilio, Telnyx, and Inteliquent.


Earlier this year, Sinch announced our intent to acquire Inteliquent -- the largest independent voice wholesaler in the United States -- allowing Sinch to provide local and toll-free phone numbers, SIP trunking, voice IVR, and other related Telco features. The deal is expected to close in Q4, 2021.


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John Burton, Senior Director Product Management

Occasional Contributor

I am currently looking for DIDs and text messages from the United States and Canada. We mainly use these numbers to receive text messages, and we assure you that we will comply with local laws and regulations. If we have the opportunity to cooperate, please feel free to contact me.
Thank you.

Hi Tony,


Please contact our sales team: They will be able to talk through your requirements and best assist you.

Johnnie Wilkenschildt, Director Contact Center Business Development, Sinch