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Preferred Agent info via ../RI/rmi/contacts

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Got a question just to clarify a thing or two regarding Preferred Agent:

Does the "requiredAgent" subdirectory in the GET response become visible only with e-mail contacts? If it finds an agent.

Do I understand correctly that the Preferred Agent functionality for calls only works with transferred calls like the documentation suggests? I'm asking because I'm not sure the Preferred Agent IVR customizer works as intended. It uses database queries. We used it in SP9 already but currently with FP17 i've seen hickups. Although I'm making my own custom Python customizer to get the preferred agent for calls via REST API.

If anyone has other suggestions or is using different solutions, I'd like to hear about them :). I'm more than happy to share my know-how.


Kind regards,




Hi Alder, 

yes, the preferred agent you refer to is only for emails. Goes so many years to history that I cannot remember reasons for this, but overall, the preferred agent has built in feature only for emails. Can of course to be made for calls with the customizer you refer to. 


If the customizer has worked fine before and not with later versions (FP17 or newer), then the reason is likely Python version upgrade we had to do. I would suggest creating ticket and ask if support has faced such an issue, if not then they can consult developer. 


Jukka Suhonen, Contact Pro Senior Product Engineer