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Does Sinch Contact Pro support the capability to leave voicemails after hours?

Yes. The Sinch Contact Pro IVR (Interactive Voice Response) has queue-voicemail capability allowing customers to leave voicemail, for example, if they are calling outside regular business hours. The next morning, or whenever agents are available again, voice mails will be routed to agents assigned to voicemail queues.


The Communication Panel user interface -- which is standard in Sinch Contact Pro cloud service and optional for Sinch Contact Pro on-premise -- supports queue-based voicemail so that callers can leave messages after hours when the contact center is closed. It is recommend as a best practice in Sinch Contact Pro cloud service to attach voicemails to emails so that they can be routed to agents, as there is no possibility in the Communication Panel user interface for agents to check the voicemail queue.


The Communication Desktop (CDT) interface, -- which comes standard with the on-premise version of Sinch Contact Pro -- also supports the personal user voicemail for direct calls to individual agents. The CDT interface also provides additional options for users to check the voicemail queue.


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Johnnie Wilkenschildt, Director Contact Center Business Development, Sinch