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Does Sinch Contact Center support chat bot functionality?

Manpreet Kaur
Head of Social Engagement


Yes, Sinch Contact Pro has it's own native chatbot/voicebot platform, Sinch Chatlayer, which is natively integrated with Sinch Contact Center and allows you to quickly create, train, and deploy your own state-of-the-art intelligent chatbot and/or voicebot.


Sinch Contact Center also has an open chatbot API that allows other chatbot vendors to integrate with Contact Center. Currently several different chatbot vendors consume our API, including:

Our chatbot integration includes features such as “fallback to agent” which allows the chatbot to forward the chat (including the full transcript) to a live agent in Contact Center if the chatbot is not able to satisfactorily resolve the customer’s issue.


Learn more about Sinch Contact Pro.


John Burton, Senior Director Product Management


Where I could find documentation for the open chatbot API?


Hello Светоч,


While most of our API documentation is available here, as you probably noticed, we currently are not publishing the documentation for our chat bot API. This documentation is currently not available to do some recent changes, as well as some feedback we received from system integrators. If you are a chat bot vendor who is interested in integrating with Sinch Contact Center (formerly SAP Contact Center) please feel free to email me directly at and I will be happy to put you in touch with someone from our DevOps team who can assist you with the integration. This is currently the best approach. Thank you.


Warm regards,


John Burton, Senior Director Product Management