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Note: Customers who are importing numbers (i.e. want to use their own NNID) will need to complete the NNID provisioning process to support proper message routing with the carriers. To learn more, refer to the article How can you provision a Network Number ID (NNID)? 

If you have a non-Sinch number that you want to enable SMS with Sinch as the Direct Connectivity Aggregator (DCA) without porting (or even partially porting) the number to Sinch you can use the Import numbers process outlined below:

  1. Log in to the Sinch Customer Dashboard and select Numbers from the left menu and click the SMS hosting US/Canada option.

  2. Select the HOSTED & IMPORTED NUMBERS tab on the Host number page. This page shows any drafts and already-imported numbers. The Import numbers options are also displayed:

    Import Numbers Fig 1.jpg


  1. The Import number dialog is displayed:

    Import Numbers Fig 2.jpg

    Specify an Import name. This name will be used to identify your number in the Sinch Customer Dashboard.  

    The Import number process is only available for United States and Canada. Select your Country from one of these two options.

    Click CREATE.

  1. The Import number page is displayed:

    Import Numbers 3.jpg


  1. Add the numbers that you want to import. There are two ways to do this:
  • Upload a CSV file containing the numbers that you want to import using the following format:



    Either drag and drop your CSV file into the window or click BROWSE to browse for the file and upload it.
    Note: If you need help filling out your .CSV file you, click DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE in the Import details section to download a template .CSV file.

  • Add your numbers manually, by entering the number, the corresponding SMS App ID and Campaign ID. Click ADD NEW.

    Note: SMS app IDs are referred to as Service Plan IDs on the SMS tab of the Sinch Customer Dashboard.

  1. Your imported numbers will be displayed:

    Imported Numbers Fig 4.jpg
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