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10DLC stands for 10 Digit Long Code (often referred to as a Long Number) and is a carrier sanctioned channel for sending Application-to-Person (A2P) messages using a dedicated 10-digit wireline telephone number allocated within the North American Numbering Plan (NANP).

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10DLC provides several benefits over short code and traditional long numbers:

  • Protects recipients from unwanted messages as the brand and campaign will be transparent to all parties in the ecosystem.
  • It is an ideal replacement for companies operating on shared short codes, which present a higher risk of spam, and if/when blocked ALL senders using the shared code will be impacted.
  • Capable of much higher messaging throughput than traditional long code messaging.
  • Improved deliverability rates.
  • Much more affordable than dedicated short codes and allows brands and businesses to use a single or pool of local numbers for their messaging campaigns to engage with customers in a familiar area code and still retain brand recognition.

Features supported on 10DLC include:

  • Voice capable by default (must create Voice Account)
  • MMS in US and Canada
  • Full Keyword based support– opt–in/out or set special keywords 
  • Concatenated messages similar to SC (Short Codes)
  • Shortened URL – carriers may filter generic or public URLs such as Recommend using a branded URL.
  • Handset delivery receipts (DLR's) are supported on T-Mobile only.

Note: Delivery is very similar to US SC (Short Codes) for Registered campaigns.

10 DLC follows the regular CTIA Messaging Guidelines and Best Practices.


Visit the Sinch 10DLC Product Page to learn more or if you need more help with 10DLC or have any questions, contact Sinch. We are always happy to help!


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