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AudioCodes Test license SBC and Sinch CC On-Prem FP17




I have a question regarding this kind of setup.

We have a test SBC license with 3 WebRTC sessions.

Our main issue with this is that when ever the 3rd agents logs into Communication Panel and registers in the SBC, it will kill all the previous sessions for the other two agents and drop the registers. Its own session and registration also drops. If only two are registered, then everything works fine.

Has anyone else encountered this? Or if You have a production grade SBC then what happens if You reach the maximum ammount of agents registered in the SBC?

Also I've tried to limit the registration ammount to 2, but nothing. Either I'm doing it in the wrong place or our test SBC is broken beyond repair. If anyone knows where to limit it so that the 3rd agent won't register, then it would be much appriciated.


Kind regards,


Application administrator