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Engage supports a number of different messaging channels. You can start connecting and provisioning channels in your project after your first login. However, first you'll need to create a configuration. Read more about what a configuration means.


To create a configuration:

  1. Go to Settings > Project > Channels.
  2. In the Display name field, enter a name for your configuration and in the Region of deployment field the location where you want your channels and conversations to be hosted. Currently, the available regions are EU (Europe) and US (United States). The region you choose affects latency as well as the legislation applied to your data.



  3. Click Create Configuration.
    Engage sets up your configuration and shows it in the Channels view.



Next, you're ready to connect the channels you want to use in Engage. Only Webchat is activated by default. However, it will only be usable after you create a promotion widget. 


Learn how to set up each channel:

To connect Viber Business Messages, contact Sinch Engage support.

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