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How is Sinch Contact Pro different from SAP BCM? Is it on-premise or Cloud?


Sinch Contact Pro is available via either cloud service or on-premise deployment. Most organizations today prefer to run their contact center operations in the Cloud, but some organization do still require an on-premise deployment due to e.g., governmental or industry regulations, regional infrastructure issues, preference for CAPEX versus OPEX, etc.


The new Sinch Contact Pro offering is built on the same code line as the old SAP Contact Center on-premise solution (formerly known as SAP BCM) and includes a modern HTML user interface called "Communication Panel" that runs in a standard web browser. On-premise customers can choose either the old Communication Desktop (CDT) desktop application or the new browser-based Communication Panel user interface. Cloud customers use the new browser-based Communication Panel; the old CDT desktop application is not available via the Cloud service.


Sinch Contact Pro cloud service runs in a regional AWS data center.


Learn more about Sinch Contact Pro.


John Burton, Senior Director Product Management