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There are three common scenarios with various timelines depending on the complexity of the process:

  1. Customer submits registration form to Sinch and requests numbers: 1-3 business days
  • Sinch registers brand and campaign(s) using the Campaign Registry (TCR)
  • Sinch procures and provisions 10DLC.
  1. Customer has existing numbers and wants to port/migrate to Sinch: 3-5 business days 
  • Customer purchases Long Codes and provides them to Sinch 
  • Sinch schedules migration with a current provider 
  • Sinch registers 10DLC campaign via TCR.
  1. Customer handles 10DLC procurement and campaign registration but would like to use Sinch as their secondary provider: 3-5 business days
  • Customer registers brand and campaign(s) via TCR and selects Sinch as their ‘provider’ or Direct Connect Aggregator (DCA) 
  • Customer provides Sinch with the list of 10DLCs and NetNumber ID (NNID) (if holding their own NNID**) 
  • Sinch reviews and approves the campaign(s) and sets up the numbers.

In all scenarios, vetting can be done either by Sinch or by the customer directly using the TCR portal/API.


Note: The provided timelines will be significantly reduced in April 2021 due to automation of the registration and number procurement process which should be completed by the end of Q1.


Visit the Sinch 10DLC Product Page to learn more or if you need more help with 10DLC or have any questions, contact Sinch, who will be happy help!

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