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Sinch is an official WhatsApp Solution Provider (see our entry in the  WhatsApp (Facebook) Solution Provider Directory.) and the Sinch WhatsApp Business API enables businesses to integrate WhatsApp messaging with their existing systems delivering enriched engagements through a personalised, conversational experience alongside alert and notification messaging. The API provides the Business with a WhatsApp profile so their customers can easily find pertinent information such as location details, website and other contact details.


Combining the WhatsApp Business API with the power and flexibility of the Sinch Communications Platform (CPaaS) delivers the following benefits: 

  • Sinch is the #1 Messaging company and our cloud communications platform reaches every mobile phone on the planet
  • Simplified Onboarding process:
  • Manages all of the required infrastructure, configuration, management and monitoring
    • High Availability.
  • Enable personalised content by integrating with your existing CRM and customer service tools.
  • Solutions to simplify building of enriched engagements, programmable conversations and enhanced customer experiences
  • Personalized and automated engagement
  • Rich, high-fidelity, contextual content delivery
  • Programmable conversation and two-way interactions
  • Systems integration with BSS/OSS
  • Enhanced Insights and analytics
  • Simplified aggregated billing and support.
  • Being the market leader in messaging, we are able to scale quickly to meeting your changing needs.

Note: The WhatsApp Business API can be used for many transactional type use cases, but it specifically cannot be used for promotional use cases.


Learn more about the Sinch WhatsApp Business API.

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