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A customer care message is defined as:

  • A customer response to your template message.
  • A Business response to your customer within a 24hour time window (customer care session) from the last customer response to you
  • Mobile Originated (Customer > Business) message at any time.

Your customer pays nothing to communicate with you and there are no charges. As with any OTT Messaging service, a very small amount of data is consumed from the users’ data plan if connected by a cellular network. Customer care messages (also referred to as session messages) do not require approval and can comprise different message types:

  • Contact Information
  • Maps
  • Audio
  • Image
  • URL Preview etc. 
  • MP4 Video.

These messages would typically be integrated with data in real-time from your BSS/OSS systems to form a personal, interactive communication:


FAQ14 Fig1.png


After the 24hour customer care session expires, outbound messages from the business require another message template to re-initiate the conversation.  The customer can reinitiate the conversation at any time.


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