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The Hosted number page lists all the numbers that you are hosting on the Sinch platform. This includes numbers that you have ported to Sinch and/or any non- Sinch numbers that you already own and are hosting on Sinch to enable Sinch SMS messaging and other products.


To view and manage your hosted numbers, log in to the Sinch Customer Dashboard and select Numbers from the left menu and click the SMS hosting US/Canada option. The Host number page is displayed:

Host Numbers 2b.jpg


If you click on your number, all the steps for the number hosting process and the different statuses that your number will go through, are displayed:


Hosted Number Statuses 2.jpg



Why was my number rejected or showing as failed?


If you use your mouse to hover over the status for a number which has failed or has been rejected – the reason for the rejection or failure is displayed:



There can be several reasons why your number may show a status of Failed. For example, you may have provided incorrect invoice information, or you may have failed the 2FA verification. Numbers may be rejected due to full porting capacity with your mobile or ISP Telecom provider, meaning that hosting may no longer be possible.

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