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Here is a list of information that is helpful to include when opening a ticket with the Sinch Support Team:

  • Samples. This is often the most crucial piece of any investigation. This could be a Message ID, a batch ID or an MSISDN. We are at this point unable to accept images of logs.
  • A clear description of the problem. For example "Messages are delayed to destination XXX"
  • Timestamps when the problem occurred. This does not need to be down to second accurate, an estimate does suffice.

If your fault report is regarding message delivery, you can use this template to ensure the Sinch Support team have all information required to troubleshoot:


Account ID:

API or protocol:

Message ID or MSISDN:

Timestamp of the fault:

Fault description:


The issue field should contain a clear description of the fault. If the fault-report concerns a missing inbound message or malformed content, a screenshot from the end device would also be helpful.


If the fault report is related to connection issues, this template can be used:


Account ID:

API or Protocol:

System ID/Bot ID/Service Plan ID:

Source IP (The IP you're connecting from):

Destination IP or FQDN and port (The Sinch endpoint you're attempting to reach):

Timestamps of the connection attempts:


If SMPP/HTTP Basic we appreciate an unencrypted packet capture showing the fault.

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