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The following are some FAQ related to the Adobe Classic Campaign for SMPP:


Q: Why I am not getting delivery reports/SRs in Adobe Campaign?

A: Ensure the regex under "Extraction regex of the ID/status in the SR" are configured in line with what is mentioned on Adobe Campaign Classic with Sinchs SMPP API 


Q: When sending messages in Campaign Classic, why is there a delay before they are visible on

A: Often this is due to misconfiguration of either throughput or bind-settings. Please see section "Mobile - Throughput and delays" on Adobe Campaign Classic with Sinchs SMPP API.


Q: How do I format my from & to number in my messages?

A: Supported formats and explanations are found in our developer docs.


Q: Why are special characters not showing up correctly on the handset?
A: Ensure that the value data_coding 0 is set to GSM 03.38 (7-bit) under "Mobile - Mapping of encodings". More details are found in Adobe Campaign Classic with Sinchs SMPP API. For a full description of the supported encodings and character sets please see Message Encoding.

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