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Messages sent to your business connected Instagram account (including messages that initiate a conversation), create a POST to the MESSAGE_INBOUND webhook or, in some cases, the EVENT_INBOUND webhook of your Conversation API app. In some cases, the POST includes a populated metadata field that can identify the feature used to send the original Instagram message.


If the Mobile Originated (MO) message is an attachment message, like a media message, media share message, or story mention message, the metadata field specifies the type of the original Instagram message. For example, this is the corresponding payload when a story mention message is sent to your business' connected Instagram account. Note that the metadata field indicates that the type of the message is story_mention.


If the MO message is not an attachment message, you may still be able to identify the feature used to send the message. The table below details the Instagram features that can be identified using the metadata field and the corresponding property that identifies them:


Message Type Identifying Metadata Property
Media type (set to image, video, audio, or file)
Icebreaker payload
Story reply story_id
Story mention type (set to story_mention)
Media share type (set to share)
Shop product referral product_id


Learn more about the Sinch Messenger API for Instagram.

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