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Why was my SMS message rejected?

New Contributor

I've been trying to get started with the SMS API. The create batch request works but I don't receive any message to my (verified) phone number.  In the message search table I can see that the message was rejected by sinch, but I don't know why. Here are some of the details provided:  



Message length:

22 characters




Not Available

Message status:

Rejected (not charged)

Error code:

76 - Internal error



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, thank you for reaching out!


Our error code documentation aligns with what your message search returned (i.e., that you are encountering a temporary internal error). The action recommended in our documentation is to reach out to your account manager for resolution. You account manager's information can normally be found on the Account Settings page of the Sinch Customer Dashboard (if you are using the legacy version of the Dashboard, the information can normally be found on the Account details page).


Additionally, I've asked our SMS team if there is any additional context we can provide on this issue, or if there are any other steps you can take to resolve it. We'll either respond to this post or send you a direct message once we have more information.


Thank you!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello again!


Our SMS team responded. They reiterated that this is a temporary error, and they recommend retrying the send operation several times (if you haven't already). If the issue persists, they recommend that you either reach out to your account manager or contact Sinch Support.


If you encounter any further issues, please feel free to create a new post or add a response to this post.


Thank you!