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Can't create SMS Service Plan

New Contributor

I created a new account for testing purpose. The new account comes with an automatically created SMS Service Plan in US region. However I need one in EU region. 


So I tried to create a new SMS Service Plan as explained here but I couldn't see the "ADD NEW REST API" button. 


Is creating SMS Service Plan not supported in trial mode?




Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for your question and feedback! We're looking into whether the Sinch Customer Dashboard has been updated since the article was written. If it has, we will update the article to reflect any changes. I'll also add another comment to ensure you get the information you need. Thanks again!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, just following-up on this! The original article has been updated, but I wanted to post the information here as well. Currently, adding a new service plan on the Sinch Customer Dashboard is temporarily unavailable. Please contact your account manager for help with adding a new service plan.

I running into same problem. I don't know how to add new Rest Api. 

The link contact your account manager do not work. 

Hello, Roger!


Thank you for reaching out. If you are using a trial account, you may not yet have an account manager. I've reached out to the SMS team for information on how to create new Service Plans when using a trial account.


In the meantime, if you are having trouble reaching the link provided in the previous post (which is for the legacy Sinch Customer Dashboard), you can try using this one for the beta Sinch Customer Dashboard. You may also try reaching out to our online team at for further assistance.


Thanks again!