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Conversation API is suitable for any scenario where a client wishes to send / receive messages across multiple messaging channels with the convenience of a single point of integration and intelligent message format handling (Transcoding).


Here are some sample critical and non-critical use cases for Conversation API:


Use Case


Customer care and service

Two-way messaging for technical, services and product support for users, including customer inquiries and resolution.

Notifications and alerts

Real-time account, travel, transaction, disruption updates, delivery receipts, reminders

Two-factor authentication and verification

One-time passwords for account resets, banking transactions and user validation.

Market research and insights

Conduct surveys, polls, and experience feedback.


Personalized offers and content based on user preference for receiving such messages.

Product updates

Updates on availability of a specific product, new product releases, or feature updates and changes to an existing product


Regular Newsletters


Learn more about Sinch Conversation API.

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