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Conversation API uses oAuth2 tokens for authentication, which can be obtained from an OAuth2 token endpoint, which supports the client_credentials flow. To authenticate the calling party a client_id (key ID) and client_secret (key secret) are used, which are generated when you create a new Access Key.


To create a new Access Key:


  1. Log in to the Sinch Customer Dashboard.

  2. Select Settings from the left menu and click the Access Keys option. The Access keys page is displayed:


  3. In the Access key list section, click NEW KEY  to create a new key. The New Access Key form is displayed:

    Enter a display name for your key and click CONFIRM.
  1. The Key is created and a Key ID and Key Secret are displayed:

    CreatedNewKeys 1.png
    Copy the Key ID and Key Secret. Click CONFIRM.

    Important! You must copy and store the Key Secret that is generated. You won't be able to retrieve it again once you’ve created the key.
  1. You are returned to the Access Keys page where your new key is displayed in the Access key list section:

    CreatedNewKeys 2.png


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