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In the Queue tab, you can see all the conversations waiting to be picked by or allocated to an agent. Queue is refreshed automatically every 10 seconds. You can also refresh it manually by clicking refresh_button.png next to the Search field.




To preview a conversation before picking, click on the conversation row. The conversation preview opens on the right side:


queue preview80.png

The preview is not updated automatically. To update it, click the preview refresh button refresh_button.png.


To start handling a conversation, click Pick. The conversation opens in the Conversations tab in the My Conversations list and the conversation is removed from the queue.


In the Skill Match column, you can see how well your assigned skills match the skill requirements of the conversation. Matching skills have green borders matching_skill.png and missing skills have grey borders non-matching_skill.png. You can pick any conversation, even if your skills do not match the conversation’s requirements. Note: Skill match is based on all skills assigned to you, both active and inactive.


Tip: You can see the total number of queueing conversations in brackets after the Queue heading.


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