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How is Sinch Contact Pro priced?


The Sinch Contact Pro cloud service is available in either user-based or usage-based billing.


User-based pricing is not based on named users or seats, but rather on the number of distinct users who access the system each month.


Usage-based pricing is billed in blocks of 1,000 interactions (known as “records”). For example, an inbound phone call is considered one record. An inbound email is one record; a reply email is an additional record. Chat conversations (including web chat, SMS, or social messaging conversations) are billed per conversation, not per post, with each distinct conversation being one record. Call recordings are considered an additional record.


We use a pricing tool to help you estimate your “record” usage volume based on your historic contact volumes. However, as a rule of thumb, each agent typically generates around 1K records per month in a typical contact center environment. In general, we believe that Sinch Contact Center is provides faster ROI and better value for your money than most other competitors in the industry.


Sinch Contact Pro can also be deployed on-premise for customers who need an on-prem solution. The on-premise version is sold via perpetual license, and priced by number of seats.


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John Burton, Senior Director Product Management