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Does Sinch Contact Pro integrate with existing IP PBX systems or do you need to replace your telephony system?


Sinch Contact Pro can be used in conjunction with your existing telephony infrastructure (assuming your IP-PBX supports SIP trunking). It is not necessary to replace your existing PBX and/or corporate telephony system in order to utilize Contact Pro.


The most common approach for using Contact Pro with your existing corporate IP PBX is the so-called "Hybrid Scenario" described below.


Hybrid Scenario

The preferred option for integrating Sinch Contact Pro with your corporate IP PBX is to continue routing all incoming calls through your legacy PBX switch, and then re-direct the customer-service related calls to Contact Pro, where the system will match the caller to the best-suited agent. This approach has the advantage that you can still do consolidated reporting from your PBX switch.




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John Burton, Senior Director Product Management